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An old legend about Forget-Me says that the goddess Flora, giving the names to various plants, disregarded small blue flower. When she was leaving, she heard that the flower softly: "Do not forget about me!" Flora made ​​out and she called Forget-me-nots, giving to people the ability to cast memories.

"Forget-Me-Not" - flowers delivery across Ukraine, RUSSIA, CIS and worldwide.

"DO NOT FORGET ABOUT US" when you are choosing a company for the delivery of flowers !!:-)
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Доставка цветов Кипр.Имеем собственную проверенную базу флористов Кипра. Любые города,лучшие цены, огромный опыт, всегда свежие цветы.Возможна срочная доставка. (044)227-1-337.